About EVolution Motors Bermuda

The rationale for creating Evolution Motors was to assist in the transition of Bermuda to a more sustainable, renewable energy future by offering our residents electric vehicle transport choices at an affordable price. By migrating transport to electric we can improve our overall environment and drive down costs at the same time.  We believe strongly that Bermuda is the perfect location for vehicle electrification because of our small size with no real range barriers. With the battery capacities now available and the price of lithium batteries continuing to drop we believe we can finally balance cost and the environmental concerns to provide Bermudians with a truly revolutionary product.

Along with our service partners GB Auto , we can offer new technology products we can stand behind and be proud of at an affordable price.

We have initially partnered up with two of the most innovative electric car manufacturers in the world to bring them to Bermuda.

Zuojun Motors Limited is an all-electric vehicle manufacturer located in Liaocheng City, China. it is a smaller company that started in 2013 and introduced its first car in 2016. We are delighted to be showcasing their innovative brand in Bermuda.

Levdeo, is the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world. The company currently builds more than 1000 cars a day and has more than 3000 showrooms around the world. Their (MIA) Manufactured Integrated Assembly, combines the battery, controller, and motor into one unit and has won numerous design awards and been the platform on which many of today’s electric car innovations are based.

The Team

Andre Labonté – President. Andre is a technologist, with a master’s degree in Leading Innovation and Change from York St. John University. Andre is passionate about the environment and how we can protect it. He has been advocating for electric cars for many years and is the driving force behind EVolution and the coming revolution in personal transport in Bermuda.

Lynn Labonte – Vice President is a professional with a nursing and healthcare background. Lynn brings a critical thinker’s perspective to the project and cares deeply about the environment we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.

Gary Blackwell – Director of Customer Experience. Gary is a car guy. His love of all things automotive is evident to those who know him. He brings a level of detail and enthusiasm that is electric; he is excited about electric cars and shaping the future of Bermuda.

Additionally, we have been fortunate to have had the invaluable input of a friend and former resident of Bermuda, Mr. Michael Butler. Michael is the former General Manager of Bermuda Motors. His insights into the Bermuda car industry have informed some of the teams’ outlook.

In September 2019 Andre & Michael visited China and spent 3 days at the Shanghai Electric vehicle auto show, meeting with industry representatives. They then travelled to Jinan to do a factory tour of the Zuojun plant and along with their export partners at Yangzhou Yijie, they met with the heads of the manufacturer’s executive and technical teams.

Locally, Evolution has discussed collaborations with associates at BEST and Greenrock who have informed our formulation of a plan going forward to move the needle toward guiding Bermuda toward a cleaner more sustainable future.

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