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THE LONG TAILPIPE MYTH Images – Courtesy of Google Pics Andre Labonte, MA LIC – EVolution Motors Limited – President The Myth: “Electric vehicles have a “long tailpipe” because they still run on fossil fuels, and therefore offer no benefit to the environment. They just move the emissions elsewhere, from the car’s tailpipe to a power…

Lithium Battery Life

Electric Car Battery Life? – It’s not what you think…..

In the first two articles, I wrote on the advancement of electric car technology I talked about how our understanding of driving in Bermuda changed after our family got our own electric car and some of the experiences we had and the questions that arose from our own family and friends. Things like the difficulty regarding how and when to charge and our notions about range. After that article, I ran into a few people who asked about some of the impacts of the technology, both good and not so good. So in the second article, I discussed some of the misinformation out there about the idea of electric cars, why they are a paradigm shift and why it’s clear that as we move away from fossil fuel electric vehicles are the best future option and their numbers are only going to grow from this point forward. Today I’d like to go into some other myths we have about lithium-ion batteries and what most of us believe, and what the facts actually are.

Lithium Ion Battery Conspiracy

The Lithium Ion Battery Conspiracy or the Cobalt FUD Factor

After my blog/ post last month about our electric car experiences I came across a couple of people who had some questions regarding the whole ‘dangers of battery chemicals” and even some questions about the ethics of mining metals such as cobalt and nickel in countries that might not have the best track record when it comes to human rights practices. I found a couple of interesting articles regarding how information both good and bad is disseminated.


It appears Even UK drivers have gotten the memo and are starting to see the benefit of new technology. However, in spite of electric cars becoming more popular in recent years, many people still believe misconceptions about them, according to a new study cited in the British Independent by reporter Grant Bailey which was based on a poll of 2,000 car drivers.

The report stated that some believed an electric car could not be driven through puddles, and some (about 5%) actually, thought electric cars were less safe than regular cars, citing construction concerns and media reports of battery explosions. Nearly 20% of respondents believed an electric car would actually slow down as the battery discharges. A spokesman for Volkswagen, who commissioned the study said:

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