What is to Come…..

I’ve been posting about green technology for the last eight months or so as many of you are probably aware. Some of my close friends and associates know I’ve been passionate about electric vehicles for decades. I followed them all the way back to the early 1990s and GM’s EV1. Then through the trials and tribulations of Tesla, to their current eventual triumphs and through the advent of multiple manufacturers today with their own electric offerings. I’ve watched all this as our planet and its inhabitants continued to pour pollution into the atmosphere and the oceans, or bury it in the ground, or frack the hell out of our drinking water. For a long time, there didn’t really seem to be anything one individual could do, it was frustrating.

Then we bought an electric car. Buying the car was difficult, I had driven a gas car all my life, a considerable amount of time. I figured after calculating my annual mileage I had spent the equivalent of driving to the moon and back during my time as a technologist in Canada. I’m probably well on my way to Mars by now…..ok, maybe that might be a stretch. The car was an expensive choice, especially in Bermuda. The truth is after getting the car I realized how easy it is to do something that really does make a difference, drive a car that gets greener as the electricity it uses comes from more renewable sources. The problem was its an expensive decision and not everyone can make that choice.

But what if they Can?

This is where we get to the what’s coming part.

Back in May of last year my wife Lynn and I after agonizing for months made a decision that we could no longer watch as the environment continued to degrade, we made a decision to do something about it. To commit to doing something for our children and the ones to come. We formed a company, Evolution Motors Limited, with the sole purpose of finding good quality electric vehicles that we could sell at a small profit to help motivate other like-minded people to change our future to a better one. In September I hopped on a plane and flew to Shanghai ground zero for electric car development to spend three days at the Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Show where we saw a number of manufacturers. We met with several and visited manufacturing plants in Jinan and Shanghai. Two months later we signed contracts with two of those manufacturers ….and then the pandemic hit.

We paused, but now the time has arrived to unveil what we set out to do, the cars we’ve imported, and the infrastructure we’ve put in place.

LevedoThe idea was to have a Bermuda B class car available for under $19,500 with all the amenities we would expect in a car of that class, and it would need to go a minimum of 200km on a charge.I believe Bermudians would expect no less. It was a tall order and we had to work with the manufacturer to get everything we wanted. It took time a lot of email and video chats but in the end, the company Zuojun motors Z60 is our B class introductory vehicle. The car will cost somewhere between $40 and $50 dollars a month of electricity to run depending on your driving habits. We incorporated leather seats into the design because it is something we wanted, and we thought like-minded individuals would want that touch as well. But we weren’t done yet.

LEVDEO is the largest electric car manufacturer in the world. It makes more electric vehicles than Tesla, at least for now, more than Nissan, more than electric carKia. We negotiated to bring their I5 the mid-range sedan in their I series of electric vehicles. It’s an E class Bermuda vehicle. The car will drive 255km on a charge, has regenerative braking, and tire pressure sensors remote entry, electric mirrors, WIFI, and Bluetooth, and has a top speed of 100km/h. We plan to sell the I5 for $26,988.00.

As you can see the pricing was done to make this as easy a transition for people as possible. We know it’s a leap of faith for others just as it was for us. You need to get a lot for your money, especially now, and especially now in Bermuda. We have put in place other agreements for larger vehicles, an SUV, an H class car all with the idea of reducing the cost to purchase so Bermudians can reap the benefit of the lower running cost. We hope to see you soon as we get ready to open our showroom on Addendum lane. More news will be coming out in the next week. More announcements, open houses, and soon test drives. The future is not coming…..we have been watching it as it has broken over us….the future is rolling alongside of us …we just need to reach out and touch it.

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