André and Lynn Labonte aren’t your typical entrepreneur. Their passion about the planet and concerns about global warming and climate change forced them to face a harsh decision about their future. André says …”Lynn and I wrestled with the idea of just drifting off into our retirement knowing that the planet we are passing on to our kids and grandkids is literally on fire”. They knew they wanted to do something about it but were at a loss as to what. “Even though I had a passion for electric cars I didn’t think I’d ever start a company…. that’s just not something we ever thought about” André said. However, as the days went on and they had finally saved up enough for their own electric car something happened. Lynn said, “We’ve spent a lot of money on that car, but not everyone is in the position to just wait and save”. She was right, and as they thought about it and discussed it with a couple of close friends a germ of an idea was formed….and thus was born Evolution Motors.

Lynn and Andre’s rationale for creating Evolution Motors was to assist in the transition of Bermuda to a more sustainable, renewable energy future by offering our residents electric vehicle transportation choices at an affordable price. By migrating transport to electric we can improve our overall environment and at the same time drive down costs.  We believe strongly that Bermuda is the perfect location for vehicle electrification because of our small size and no real range barriers. With the battery capacities now available and the price of lithium batteries continuing to drop we believe we can finally balance cost and the environmental concerns to provide Bermudians with a truly revolutionary product.

The Evolution motors team consists of:

André Labonté – President. André is a technologist, and has a master’s degree in Leading Innovation and Change from York St. John University. André is passionate about the environment and how we can protect it. He has been advocating for electric cars for many years and is the driving force behind EVolution and the coming revolution in personal transport in Bermuda.

Lynn Labonté – a driving force behind the development of EVolution motors Lynn unfortunately passed away last year after a lengthy illness. She was Vice President of the company, and brought her professional background with degrees in nursing and healthcare to the fore. She also bought a necessary critical thinker’s perspective to the project and cared deeply about the environment that we are leaving to our children and our .grandchildren.

Michael Butler – Chief Financial Officer. Michael’s input has been invaluable to EVolution. A former General Manager of Bermuda Motors, his insights into the Bermuda car industry have informed much of the teams’ outlook. In September 2019 Andre & Michael visited China and spent 3 days at the Shanghai Electric vehicle auto show, meeting with industry representatives